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Every cake has a story to tell

Cake Flavors and Pricing



Flavors and Fillings 



Skazka Cakes uses strictly highest quality ingredients in all of its products.  All our cakes are freshly baked from scratch with proprietary recipes.  We strictly Do Not use commercial mix sponge.  There is no compromise with our cakes when it comes to flavor, as we use carefully selected gourmet quality fillings, which make our cakes’ flavors match its exterior looks!  We pride ourselves for bringing non-commercial high-end custom bakery experience to our local community and strictly adhere to these standards, which are a core foundation of our family owned business!  Every cake has a story to tell, and Skazka Cakes delivers stories in work of art and flavor from haven bundled cakes!


Our Most Popular Combinations:



Vanilla Cake With:

● Chocolate Ganache and French Creme
● Dolce De Leche Mousse
● Strawberry Mousse and Fresh Strawberry
● Mango and Coconut Mousse
● Lemon Custard with Lemon Mousse
● Cannoli

Chocolate Cake With:

● Chocolate Fudge
● Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Ganache
● Cookie and Cream
● Nutella and Hazelnut Mousse with Toasted Hazelnuts
● Raspberry Mousse

Red Velvet Cake With:

● Cream Cheese Mousse

Russian Specialty Cakes:

● Smetannik - Layered Honey Cake with Sour Cream Filling
● Medovik - Layered Honey Cake with Dolce de Leche Filling
● Spartak - Layered Chocolate-Honey Cake with French Cream Filling
● Drunken Cherry - Russian Version of the Black Forest Cake with Sour Cherries Soaked in Cognac.


All Our Cakes and Fillings:




● Vanilla
● Chocolate
● Red Velvet
● Carrot
● Funfetti


● Chocolate Fudge
● Chocolate Ganache
● Chocolate Pudding
● Chocolate Custard
● Vanilla Pudding
● Vanilla Custard
● French Cream
● Cookie and Cream
● Caramel


● Butter Cream
● Chocolate Fudge
● Cream Cheese,
● Rolled Fondant

Specialty Cakes

● Gluten Free
● Dairy Free
● Eggless
● Rainbow

Mousse Fillings

● Chocolate
● Hazelnut
● Dolce De Leche
● Strawberry
● Raspberry
● Coconut
● Mango
● Lemon

Fruit Jam Fillings

● Strawberry
● Raspberry
● Pineapple
● Lemon
● Blueberry
● Cherry
● Peach
● Apricot

Fresh Fruit

● Bananas
● Strawberry
● Raspberry
● Blueberry






Our custom cakes are individually priced for each order.  Pricing depends on multiple factors.  Due to highly customizable nature of our work of art cakes, all quotes are provided over the phone or during in-person complimentary tasting and design consultation appointment.

Our custom cakes are priced per slice/serving.  Pricing starts at $8 per slice/serving for buttercream covered basic design cakes, and $10 per slice/serving for fondant covered basic design cakes.  This per slice/serving pricing is the same for single tier and multi-tiered cakes.

All custom cakes orders require 50% non-refundable deposit. Full balance payment is required one week prior to delivery.


From the starting point, pricing goes up according to the complexity of the design and amount of work involved.

Handmade sugar elements like:  Gum Paste Flowers, 3D or 2D Figurines, Bows, Edible Prints, Logos, Custom Paintings and other Fondant and Sugar Details take considerable amount of time to make and put it together.  This reflects in higher prices for cakes ordered with these details, but the end results are breathtaking, one of a kind, work of art unforgettable cakes.

Sculpted 2D and 3D, shaped and structured work of art cakes, are priced higher due to its increasing complexity and time-consuming nature of this work.  Because of the weight of these elements placed on top of cakes, internal structure has to be executed differently compared to basic cakes.  All this understandably reflects on pricing, but the end results in the wow effect.


Our Cake Sizes


5” - 4 to 6 servings

6” - 6 to 8 servings

7” - 8 to 12 servings

8” - 12 to 20 servings

10” - 25 to 35 servings

12” - 35 to 45 servings

1/4 sheet - 30 to 40 servings

1/2 sheet - 40 to 60 servings

3/4 sheet - 60 to 80 servings

Full sheet - 80 to 100 servings


The smallest Two-Tier cake starts at 20 servings and up

The smallest Three-Tier cake starts at 30 servings and up

The smallest Four-Tier cake starts at 80 servings and up

Skazka Cakes is not a nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, wheat-free or sugar-free facility. While some products offered may be free of these ingredients, there is always the chance of cross contact between variety of ingredients. Anyone highly allergic should take caution when consuming our products, and do it at their own risk. We thank you for your understanding.